Saturday, July 3, 2010



just let to you know that tamu jajakraf have a lots of craft material.. from the small tiny buttons, cute insect buttons, ribbons, felt appliques, jeweleries and so many more.. its all about craft.. just browsing u can have 101 ideas to have some projects.. for me, its seem just to have all the item that shows on the page.. tamu jajakraf offered you online shopping will a wide range of choices.. just click it n do some payment then you will have what some people couldn't have..

tamu jajakraf  is an online craft supplies from kota kinabalu, sabah.. just because it came from sabah, all people aroun the can have their craft supplies.. it is an online business.. im from shah alam and have a sveral time shoping with them..

i have shop with tamu jajakraf for a several time.. i like it, becoz some of the item we couldn't found it easily at the market.. the price is so reasonable.. so, have a happy browse at tamu jajakraf and let it light up your life and your special one..

this is tamu jajakraf 1st giveaway.. people who have the best of luck maybe could have it.. hope i could have the luck.. i love craft very much, even for semester break i dont want to have a part time job just like the other friends just to have some xperiment (but not in the lab) to make some new item.. k, thats all.. have a hapy browsing.. 

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