Friday, January 27, 2012

strawberry for something~


permulaan pertama utk mission possible, tp xcukup lg nih... material xcukup.. insyaAllah esk nk p cari lg... jom tgk!

i like~

misi perjalan mission possible akan sentiase di update insyaAllah~ 

slm and adios!

mission possible~

hallu one malaysia and all people all over the world~

im feelin happy because i just starting my big project for someone special... huhuhu, but just now only 8% done... hopefully i can make it just on time before im having my last attachment on 12th february... hmmmm, ok peeps! wait for new creation by adib's workstationz... 

there are some teaser-->

~i would like to have cakes, candy, fruits and some flowers as the theme perhaps~
*actually i dont really like flowerx~
pict from :

pict from :
some sketches, segan nk buat gmbr besar sbb drawing ni selekeh~ hehehe...
~something could be long lasting, it shouldnt be throw away after they use it~

~something that can remind us to the 'that someone special'~

~hopefully i can make it real!!!

lepas ni nk kne p buat last attachment dgn jabatan veterinar terengganu pulak, klau buleh nk siapkn sblm start sem... nnt serabut, dh la kne balik naik bas.. camne nk bawa my  precious workstationz tu?! aduai~

ok, sehiingga ketemu di lain entry! slm and adios~