Saturday, September 25, 2010

temporary away from blog....

temporary away from blog....
(tune to animal planet-classes, practical labs, assignments,test etc)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

project mase cuti...

huhhu, cuti raye bru je abis.. selain menang GA dr my lovely ribbon n lace sempena bday tuan pny blog, makan, tdo, tgk tv, sempat gak bt bbrape item.. tp xsempat nk htr kat 'future owner' je.. xpe la, ape pn nnt kan ny!!
org lain pny bday, org lain yg dpt hadiah... ;p

three id holder utk my best friend mase skola kat shah alam dlu2x.. i will miss u like crazy, (hopefully)... ade buat gak utk amy, lame gler dy mintak, alhamdulillah dh siap n dh htr kat dy.. hope dy suke.. tp xdone nk amek gmbr.. berkobar la juge nk siapkan utk dy..

from left: kuning utk eqa, purple utk azni & biru utk erin.. hrp ny dorg suke... ni utk hari jd yg dh lepas2x pny, hehehehe....

its mine!

then, td sblm p kluar makan dgn boy dgn dila, dgn kawan boy skali, sempat buat cupcake yg ade topping.. huuhhu, percubaan yg boleh dkatakan berjaye! jom, have a look...

huhhu, percubaan pertame utk cupcake yg ade topping cream... yeah!

next is hazmi pny request.. ntah bile la buleh buat.. almaklum, masih pegang title student.. lab report xputus, assignment lg.. hehehe, tp masih nk usik mende2x nih.. dh MINAT nk buat camne???? hope, next boleh buat yg lbih baik.. may Allah bless me... adios!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kawaii Station Giveaway and Sales!!!!!!!!!


the owner of kawaii station is celebrating her birthday.. she just throwing a really adorable giveaway to be given to the lucky winner.. so, what u waiting for?! just having a quick browsing and who knows either me or u is the lucky winner... * really admire all the stuff.... @_@

~on the other hand, she also have a big sales for some items~


10% off
1. Bias Tape Maker Red
2. Bias Tape Maker Blue
3. Lace #6
4. Lacey Ribbon
5. Oil Based Ink Pad - Cocoa/ Turkey Blue
6. Bias Tape Maker 18mm

20% off
1. Blue Ink Pad
2. Metal Clasp #1
3. Coil Board #1 - #5
4. Korean Embroidery Sticker
5. Plain Cotton Bag Handle
6. 2 in 1 Cotton Tape - White/ Black
7. Black Ink Pad
8. Brown Ink Pad

30 % off
1. Lacey Zipper
2. Colorful Leather Clasps

40% off
1. Lace #1 - #5
2. Bias Tape #1 - #5

50% off
1. Circus 1 Stamp Stamp Collection
2. Circus 2 Stamp Stamp Collection
3. JewelryStamp Collection
4. Pussy Cat Stamp Collection
5. Lovely Animal Stamp Collection
6. Mountain Birds Stamp Collection
7. Little Kids Stamp Collection
8. Fairy Stamp Collection

1. RM8 for any 10 wooden buttons
2. RM10 for 10m of stitched ribbons
*plz have look, just click here....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

menang GA dr my lovely ribbon n lace...

thanx to to my lovely ribbon n lace  for chosen me as the winner.. alhamdulillah.... korg pn jom la singgah kat sane juge!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


huhuhu, it is an opportunity for me to join the HHD GA, just wanted to have the special GA.. kat HHD  ni mcm2 ada... klau rse susah sgt nk cr material kat kdai luar nun, cr r kat cni.. harge pn reasonable.. so, ape lg?! mai singgah..